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News Snippet of the Day

Jackson said she gave the robber all of the money in the register, but he wanted more.

"He was just saying 'the change too,' cause he had kids," she said.

After that, the robber had an even more unusual request -- hair extensions.

According to a police reporter, Jackson told officers the man said, "My b**** needs some hair extensions, which are the best ones?"

"I was like, really?" said Jackson. "I wanted to laugh, but something was going on and I was in shock. So I was like why are you asking me about the most expensive hair extensions? So I just grabbed any kind for him."

Satisfied with the money -- and the hair -- the robber left.


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The New Zealand Penguins Are Free!

Remember the penguins that were rescued following the New Zealand oil spill? 49 were recently returned to the wild! Thanks to all the global support they received---from funds to sweaters---they get to be home again. 

Oh, warm and happy thoughts! Ear-to-ear grins! Yeeeeee!

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Screaming Example of Gut Instinct of the Day

I don't know about you, but I'm all about the whole 'go with your gut' thing. Fortunately, my mother subscribes to this theory, as well... otherwise, her car would've been a crumpled mess yesterday. 

Some dude on a crime spree in a stolen car parked the car in her office parking lot, then slinked away. Later, he returned to fetch the car... right when the cops were canvassing the area. He leapt out and fled on foot... barefoot, that is... the guy literally ran right out of his shoes. He left the car running and it proceeded to roll across the lot and into some hedges. 

Here's where the gut part kicks in...

Mother parks in the same spot every day. Yesterday, however, she pulled into her spot, then realized there was shade one space over. She backed out and reparked. Still wasn't good enough. She backed out and reparked AGAIN. 

The stolen car crashed no more than six inches from her car. The hoopty ended up right where her car nearly always sits, day after day. The pic above was taken right after the incident, but Mom had already moved her car to the other side of the lot by this point. 

When it all went down, a client from the office came outside, surveyed the damage, turned to my mother and said, "Lady, you'd better go buy a lottery ticket today." 

Cue dramatic music! 


Click here  for the news coverage of this incident. Warning: It's unedited. In other words, it's annoying.

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Lee Grace Dougherty: The Skeezefest Continues!

I had a serious hunch this was going to happen. Sure enough, Lee Grace Dougherty posed for some very scandalous photos mere days before her crime spree began. Yeeee-haw! 

Click here to check out the photos. Don't worry, worker bees, they're censored and SFW.  

My fave, without question, is this one. Look to the right of the television. Yes, my friends... that's a column of single-size snack chips. Rejoice!!!

I'll bet Hugh Hefner and the Vivid folks are seething with rage because Lee Grace is poised for mucho años en la pinta; otherwise, the offers would be rolling in. You know she'd be all over that sh*t, too!

She'd definitely host an extended-family viewing party for her porn release. And, because she's such a kind and considerate young lady, she'd make sure to reserve a front-row seat for her toothless granny, since her eyes ain't so good anymore.

Single-size Doritos and malt liquor intermission refreshments for everyone! Par-TAY! 


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Top Three Lee Grace Dougherty Quotes of the Day

This could be the beginning of a lonnng list, dahling. 

While this absolute trainwreck of a media frenzy has only just begun, redneck gun moll Lee Grace Dougherty is already showing strong signs of trashy-ass infamy. 

Top three Lee Grace quotes of the day: 

1. "I like milk and German engineering."

2. "We weren't trying to hurt anyone."

3. "I pointed the gun at the cop." 

The last quote, as many of you might already know, was uttered as Lee Grace---in a flawless performance of Dumbest Bitch on American Soil---actually waived her g.d. right to remain silent and dished everything to detectives following Wednesday's high-speed chase and shootout that ended with a car crash and her arrest. 

Lee Grace, you vapid little goober, thanks for the chuckles, honey. 

Wonder what's next? 

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Commentator FLIPS OUT Over Debt Debate!

Please take a moment and absorb Dylan Ratigan's incredibly passionate diatribe about the country's debt and credit downgrade. It doesn't matter if you're a Democrat, Republican or otherwise; Ratigan's words are the real deal. Please share this with your peeps!


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The Winner of Most Elegant Flickr Profile of the Day Is...

Lee Grace Dougherty of Lacoochee (priceless!), Florida. 

Yes, that Lee Grace Dougherty. The stripper who, along with her two brothers, was arrested in a Colorado shoot-out this morning after an eight-day run from the law following the attempted murder of a police officer in Zephyrhills (Really? What's UP with these Florida names?!?), Florida and a bank robbery in Valdosta, Georgia. 

About that Flickr profile. Here are some of the carefully-chosen words Lee-Grace used to describe herself: 

"I'm 28 but act like I'm 17 most of the time. I love to farm and shoot guys and wreck cars. I'm a redneck and proud of it."

You win, girl. Congratulations. 

To read more about Lee Grace's crime spree, click here.

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Jackass of the Day

Behold: Patrick Brooks of Redding, California.

Brooks allegedly broke into a church and stole several checkbooks and $250 cash.

After visiting a check-cashing store and attempting to cash a check with the Cottonwood Bible Baptist Church logo on it, managers became suspicious. It wasn't only because the church's telephone number had been crossed out on the check and another one was written in its place, but also because of Brooks' prominent, profane tattoo... right in the middle of his forehead.

Brooks was arrested and charged with burglary, receiving stolen property, forgery and violating parole.

Congratulations, Mr. Brooks.



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Pizza Hut Hates Drag Queens!

Ohhhh, Vishon Murphy, you little peach. You tell your story, sister. And you tell it in your sundress and gladiator sandals. Pizza Hut did you wrong, hunty! TELL!

Click here to read all about this heinous saga, and view the must-watch local news report.

Via Gawker

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The Gateway to Hell is About to Open

One of Iceland's fiercest volcanoes, Hekla, is poised to erupt. 

Deemed the "Gateway to Hell" by Icelanders in the Middle Ages, Hekla is one of Iceland's most active volcanoes, having erupted some 20 times over the past millennium, most recently on February 26, 2000.

The volcano is located about 70 miles east of Reykjavik. 


Via Fox News 

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Bad-Ass Mayor of the Day

Cheers to Sara Z. Duterte, mayor of Davao City, Philippines, for fighting for the poverty-stricken members of her community by telling the local sheriff "aw, hellll naw" with her fist... repeatedly.  Duterte said she had asked court sheriff Abe Andres to wait for two hours before serving a demolition order that would destroy shanties of 220 families in the area. The well-respected mayor requested the two-hour extension so that she could hold a peaceful dialogue with the residents before their homes were demolished. 

The sheriff, however ignored the order and demolition teams pushed through with their operation, causing the residents to panic and nearly riot. Duterte rushed to the scene and confronted the sheriff. Fortunately, somebody had a camera. Wheeeee! I live for this sh*t! 



Yeah, yeah... I know... violence is never the answer... but his betch is so bad-ass that I can't help but adore her. Four stars. 

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