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That Damn Unicorn is Taking Over!

It now has his its own cult, the appropriately-named Cult of Unicorn.

From the cult's Unicorn Manifesto

Chances are, if you’ve had your world changed by something, that something was created by a unicorn.

We want you to recognize that you are a unicorn. A horse would not be attracted to this manifesto or its ideas, it would be afraid to deny the power of the herd. A horse is defined by its own fear. Its inability to start or finish things, to be defined not by its ideas, but by its fear.

That does not define a unicorn! A unicorn is a chance-taker who denies the fear of failure. Unicorns create! They sing, dance, write, design and code! A unicorn always does more than the minimum, they add a sprinkle of glitter to everything they do. A unicorn uses rejection and fear from the world as the fuel in the furnace that it uses to forge the future.

Click here to find out if you're a secret unicorn.

Posted on February 2, 2012 and filed under Trends.

Choir "Creep" is the New Black

What's up with all the European choir girls singing Radiohead's "Creep"?  This time, it's Sweden's Vega Choir. It's good, but I still prefer Scala & Kolacny Brothers

Now, artist/editor Rob Yulfo has fused a series of Peanuts clips to create "You're a Creep, Charlie Brown!

I didn't make it through the whole thing because I got choked up. Poor Charlie Brown!

I wish someone would create a cartoon featuring the Peanuts gang now, and Charlie Brown is living large while the rest of those little jerks are sucking at life.

Posted on January 24, 2012 and filed under Music, Trends, Videos.