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Got Gumby?

How fab is the latest Google doodle featuring the interactive Gumby characters!?! 

Today marks the 90th birthday of Gumby creator, Art Clokey.

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I Love Liquor!

Shirley Q. Liquor, that is. [youtube=]

"I understand about beautiful hats. I have one or two myself that I made myself... out of alpasia wool and glue-on diamonds. It's beautiful. Jesus would like it. I wear it for his glurry."  --- SQL

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Beatrice Hat Bash Fever!

Everyone's in on the joke about Princess Beatrice's hat. Yay! Let the barbs fly, dahling!  Here's a gem from "Princess Beatrice's Hat Totally Looks Like the Flying Spaghetti Monster". 

Then there's this genius of a Tumblr site, People Wearing Beatrice's Hat.

And, naturally, the hat has its own damn Twitter account. Perfect tone: proper, well-mannered and snooty as hell! Recent posts include: "There they go - onto the balcony. Stealing my limelight," and, "Thank you darling. And I adore.. whatever that thing is you're wearing." 

Personally, the hat reminds me of the female reproductive system. Sorry, Bea. Just sayin'. 

Many thanks to Princess Beatrice and Philip Treacy. Laughter is, indeed, the best medicine. 

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Unemployed Ninja Looking for Work

Have an unusual skill or talent? It could earn you some cash.  Check out, a site where people share things they're willing to do for $5. 

Here's my fave, the ninja

I'm an unemployed ninja looking for work, so im willing to do stunts and fight scenes with my ninja buddies with your message in the video.


Click here to view a San Antonio (TX) television news station's interview with the unemployed ninja himself, Ryou Sigara. 

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