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Friday Flashback

Friday Fabü has been on hiatus for a while. My apologies, dahling. Still adjusting to life with the twinsies. Fear not, fabulista---the column resumes next month. In the meantime. I deem this post Friday Flashback because this damn song won't get out of my head. Don't remember it? Silence of the Lambs. The infamous tucking scene. Yeah, that song.

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Fab Pause

Jill Scott -- The Light of the Sun No, it's not an alert. It's just a reminder to take time to stop and absorb fabulousness whenever possible.

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Quandary of the Day

As a parent, I can still listen to Electric Wizard, right? Can I play it in the family vehicle? Is it acceptable to expose the twins' budding brains to doom metal? 

Note to my sister, Kelly: I already know your answer to this. You're not allowed to vote. Totally unfair, I know. Oh, the injustice! 

I heart you, Electric Wizard. I won't abandon you just because I'm a mom.

Start at about 1:20 to get yer face blown off.

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Tupac Resurrection at Coachella

The late Tupac Shakur appeared on the Coachella stage last night and performed a few of his hit songs alongside Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.  It was a hologram. A very high-tech, authentic-looking hologram.

Needless to say, the crowd of 75,000 went nuts. 

One festival-goer, Jordan Buckley, said it best when he tweeted, "i can't even begin to imagine what this Tupac hologram is doing to all the people at Coachella that have been on acid for 3 days straight."

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Hide Yo Excitement

Get ready to writhe with glee: Antoine "Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife" Dodson has released a single, "Lovesick Lullaby." Verdict: It doesn't totally suck. Very heavy on the auto-tune, but what else should one expect these days? 

Milk those 15 minutes, Antoine! Keep climbing, henny. Love the weave, btw! Srsly.!

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The New Queen!

This totally works. I'm excited. 

Adam Lambert has been chosen as the great Freddie Mercury's replacement in one of the greatest rock bands ever, Queen

He can sing like a mofo, and he's an über-proud, flashy-as all-get-out gay man. This. Is. PERFECT. 

Hearty congrats, Adam. Do us all proud. 

Perhaps this means there will be a tour soon. Yeeeee! 

**UPDATE** 2/4/12: Sounds like this story is a fluke, thanks to a gossip rag, The Daily Star, taking a Lambert quote out of context. 

A rep for Queen's record label told Rolling Stone that Adam may perform with Queen at Sonisphere. And even that hasn't been confirmed. 

Booooo! You suck, Daily Star! Getting our hopes up over nothing. Shame on you! 

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Um... WTF?!?

Behold: Japanese grindcore by Maruosa Warning: you will likely hate this, especially if you're seizure-prone... and hate noise... and fleshy stick-figures with big chompers... and evil babies wearing Wonder Woman boots. 

Is it safe to make a blanket statement and declare that simply everyone will hate it? There, I said it.

If you like it, that's perfectly OK. Have fun with that.!

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Choir "Creep" is the New Black

What's up with all the European choir girls singing Radiohead's "Creep"?  This time, it's Sweden's Vega Choir. It's good, but I still prefer Scala & Kolacny Brothers

Now, artist/editor Rob Yulfo has fused a series of Peanuts clips to create "You're a Creep, Charlie Brown!

I didn't make it through the whole thing because I got choked up. Poor Charlie Brown!

I wish someone would create a cartoon featuring the Peanuts gang now, and Charlie Brown is living large while the rest of those little jerks are sucking at life.

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Can't stop listening to Scala & Kolacny Brothers, a Belgian girls' choir conducted by Stijn Kolacny and arranged and accompanied by Steven Kolacny on the piano.

If you like choir music + moody/semi-creepy music,  you'll love this. Trust.

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Yesterday was Toilet Husband Day

OK, so this is both weird and extra-stupid.  Yesterday morning, DJB and I visited friends Kamille and Aaron. Kamille gave DJB a Toilet Böys shirt. It's so awesome that I want to wash and dry it on hot so that it will shrink and fit only me. I am a rude and selfish betch. That's how much I love Toilet Böys, especially lead singer Miss Guy. Total icon. 

About 12 hours later, we attended my office holiday party, which was a total blast. There was a white elephant gift exchange. Here's what DJB got...

Yes, a Toilet Monster. I am excited. I will use the hell out of that thing. I am dead serious. 

Fact: My husband was totally putting out toilet vibes yesterday. Seksi, no?

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Introducing BABYMETAL, an offshoot of Japanese pop idol group, Sakura Gakuin It's sticky-sweet, girly sing-song rap backed by crunchy, dark metal sounds... and I can't lie, it's fairly fabulous in a kitschy sort of way. 

I especially enjoy the beginning of the video, when the girls rise from the pseudo-satanic circle.!

Via Laughing Squid

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Berry Birthday

"If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it 'Chuck Berry'." -- John Lennon 

"There's only one true king of rock 'n' roll. His name is Chuck Berry." -- Stevie Wonder 

"[My mama] said, 'You and Elvis are pretty good, but you're no Chuck Berry.'"  -- Jerry Lee Lewis

A very happy 85th birthday to the one and only king of rock 'n' roll, Chuck Berry

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