Yesterday was Toilet Husband Day

OK, so this is both weird and extra-stupid.  Yesterday morning, DJB and I visited friends Kamille and Aaron. Kamille gave DJB a Toilet Böys shirt. It's so awesome that I want to wash and dry it on hot so that it will shrink and fit only me. I am a rude and selfish betch. That's how much I love Toilet Böys, especially lead singer Miss Guy. Total icon. 

About 12 hours later, we attended my office holiday party, which was a total blast. There was a white elephant gift exchange. Here's what DJB got...

Yes, a Toilet Monster. I am excited. I will use the hell out of that thing. I am dead serious. 

Fact: My husband was totally putting out toilet vibes yesterday. Seksi, no?

Posted on December 17, 2011 and filed under Fabulousness, Music, Videos.