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For Your Lunchbox

STACKED Wines Not your kid's lunchbox. Nooooo. Don't want no CPS visits. 

I just used a double-negative and can't just let it be there and know that my intelligent (and, of course, fabulous) readers will presume it's deliberate. I have to directly state that it's deliberate. I don't really use double-negatives! I don't! I'm just trying to be witty. And I'm stereotyping. Because those who put wine in their kids' lunchboxes likely aren't strangers to CPS... and double-negatives. Oh, c'mon---you know it's true. Maybe not wine, though... more like malt liquor? Hell, I don't know. I guess I need to work on my stereotyping. There's one for the to-do list. Send... overdue... holiday... gift... thank-you... notes. Compile... baby... albums. Work... on... sterotyping. Take... Volvo... for... oil... change. 

I digress. 

This is for your lunchbox, dahling. From STACKED Wines: Single servings of vino, prepackaged in sealed plastic glasses. 

Five stars. This screams summertime croquet match in the park! Don't give me no flack for loving croquet, either. Intentional double-negative. 

*NOTE: Although you should absolutely should watch this whole clip, if you don't have time, just hit the one minute mark.


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Fab Pause

Jill Scott -- The Light of the Sun No, it's not an alert. It's just a reminder to take time to stop and absorb fabulousness whenever possible.

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Warning! DANGER!

Got Keurig? Like winter cocktails? Look out. Don't read any further... unless you're OK with having a very warm, tipsy kinda winter. Yeah, sounds good to me, too. Let's proceed, then. 

Five stars to K-Cup Cocktails (Mike Newman of Cool Material), for showing us how to use our Keurigs for greatness. 

Via Laughing Squid 

Viva Sunday

Do not let Sunday be taken from you. If your soul has no Sunday, it becomes an orphan.

-- Albert Schweitzer

My sister Kelly is visiting. That means lots of bitching and drinking. Bring it!

Dawn: Hilltop mass ascension viewing from toasty car.

8:30 a.m.: Crepes and mimosas.

Noon: Nap with Pearl Mae Brown.

I'd have to say it was a good day.

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Happy Anniversary, Mr. Brown!

Love you so much that... I'm actually without words... for once. 

You render me speechless. Still head-over-heels giddy after all these years. I'm batting my eyes at you, handsome gentleman. 

Thanks for the super-cute babies. xo

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They're Heeeere!

The twins arrived at 37 weeks on August 7 via c-section. They're perfect sweeties. We're head-over-heels in love! Séamus "Shea" Daniel Brown arrived at 8:25 a.m. Stats: 6 lbs, 4.5 oz, 19". Dark Irish, just like Dad.

Pearl Mae Brown arrived at 8:26 a.m. Stats: 5 lbs, 9 oz., 18.5". This little blondie looks suspiciously like Mom.

Everything went incredibly well. The babes are so healthy that they didn't have to spend a second in the NICU (quite common for twins). Now, we're home and happy. Life is incredibly good. 

Welcome, Brownies. It's going to be a wonderful ride. 

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Four More Weeks...

... until I can treat myself to this majestic splendor: the new Stoli Salted Karamel, a premium vodka described in its press release as "the perfect balance of sweet and savory - golden brown caramel delicately enhanced with salt." 

Oh my. Oh my. Ohhhhh myyyyy. 

I seriously just stopped typing for a good few minutes and did some daydreaming about all the different concoctions I can whip up with this new Stoli offering. 

See you soon, vodka. 

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Drag Queen Bingo!

A fine time was had by all at the annual Drag Queen Bingo Brunch at Scalo, a benefit for New Mexico AIDS Services

Special thanks to The Dolls, Brian Brown of NMAS and the Scalo staff for being so kind and accommodating to ol' preggers. 'Til next year!