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Monday Items

1. I will not write about Meat Loaf today. I want to. A lot. But I won't. Sigh. Love you SO much, Meat Loaf. 

2. I will write about Frankenstorm, aka Hurricane Sandy. Sending good, good vibes to those in the path. 

3. I will also write about Kev Atlas. Happy birthday, sir. This one's for you.

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Happy Sisterkellyday

  Happy birthday to Sister Kelly. You are greatly loved, Sister.

Hate to change the subject, but I just saw a commercial for Red Velvet Pancakes now at IHOP. Oh... my... word. Need them so much. 

Anyway, happy birthday, fab Sister. Here's a clip just for you.

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Happy Phyllisdillerday

Today, it's important to pause and reflect on the splendor that is Phyllis Diller, who is celebrating her 95th birthday.

We love you, Phyllis!

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Happy Queenfabioladay

HM Queen Fabiola of Belgium is 84 today. 

So jealous of that title/name combo that I need to pause and engage in some deep breathing. 

Queen Fabiola is fluent in Spanish, French, Dutch, English, German and Italian. 

I'm going to ask Mr. Brown about changing Pearl's name to Queen Fabiola Brown.

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Happy Brianenoday

It's important that we honor Brian Eno on his 64th birthday, as he's a member of the Fabü Hall of Fame. 

Happy birthday, Brian. Thanks for being among the most fab folks evah.

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Double-Fab Birthday

Two over-the-top-fabulous people were born on this day.  1. My kick-ass husband, DJ Brown. Happy birthday, loverpants. 

2. Joanna Lumley. Fab forevah. Happy birthday, dahling. 

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Haven't had any birthday spotlights for a while. Let's get three out of the way in one fell swoop, shall we?  Multiple milestones today, people...

1. Kelly Clarkson is 30. Keep it real, Kel. 

2. Jean-Paul Gaultier is 60. Keep it as far from real as possible, sir. That's your job. 

3. Ms. Barbra Streisand is 70. Keep it however you want to, Babs. Nobody tells you what to do, lady.

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Happy Xuxaday

Xuxa is 49. Now I'm going to have the theme song from her show stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Hello, hello, hello... it's time for Xuxa and her friends. Arrrgh! Make it stop!  

Interesting factoid: Xuxa is the richest woman in Brazil. Go, betch! 

Here's that theme song for ya. Misery loves company.

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Happy Steventylerday

Happy 64th birthday to Steven Tyler.

He has said that when he dies, he wants the following written on his tombstone:

                           Here lies Steven

                           The Demon of Screamin'

                           Who never woke up from the dream he was dreamin'

                           'Til one day, he took some magic potion 

                           Now all that's left is sweet emotion

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Happy Spikeleeday

Happy 55th birthday to Spike Lee

In honor of this genius director, producer, writer, and actor, let's watch Gator dance.

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Happy Terencetrentd'arbyday

Sananda Francesco Maitreya is 50 today. Some of us know him better as Terence Trent D'Arby.

Apparently, he adopted the Sananda handle in 1995, following a series of dreams. He legally changed his name in 2001. 

I often have a series of dreams involving Disney World and a talking blob of Saran Wrap. I wonder how I could incorporate this into a new name? No, no... I can't wonder about that. It's far too early in the morning to think about these things (p.s. why didn't any of you tell me that pregnancy equals brutal insomia?!?). Plus, I just officially changed my name (that's Mrs. Brown to you, thankyouverymuch), so I suppose I'd better let that be for a while.

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Happy Petedohertyday

Pete Doherty, human science experiment, perpetual dirty dude and Libertines/Babyshambles rocker... happy 33rd birthday.

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Happy Rashaanhoustonday

A very happy birthday and much love to Chicago house music delight, RaShaan Houston. Fabulous incarnate.

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Happy Bieberday

Everybody freak out! Scream and cry! Clutch your pearls! Screeeeam again! Justin friggin' Bieber is 18!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday, Biebs. No voting here for you, lil' Canuck, but you can smoke and go to porn shops now. I recommend passing on the smokes. And the porn? Meh... better in theory. In other words, don't go changin', kiddo... just beib yourself. Ew, now THAT sounds porny. Bleck.

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Happy Bernadettepetersday

The kooky, loveable, incredibly talented and---of course---fabulous, Bernadette Peters is 64 today.

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Happy Elizabethtaylorday

Dame Elizabeth Taylor, vision of glamour, poise and true grit, on your 80th birthday and always, we love and miss you.

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Happy Erykahbaduday

Erykah Badu, you wonder woman... epitome of fabulous... bad-ass diva... welcome to Club 40, lady.

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