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For Your Lunchbox

STACKED Wines Not your kid's lunchbox. Nooooo. Don't want no CPS visits. 

I just used a double-negative and can't just let it be there and know that my intelligent (and, of course, fabulous) readers will presume it's deliberate. I have to directly state that it's deliberate. I don't really use double-negatives! I don't! I'm just trying to be witty. And I'm stereotyping. Because those who put wine in their kids' lunchboxes likely aren't strangers to CPS... and double-negatives. Oh, c'mon---you know it's true. Maybe not wine, though... more like malt liquor? Hell, I don't know. I guess I need to work on my stereotyping. There's one for the to-do list. Send... overdue... holiday... gift... thank-you... notes. Compile... baby... albums. Work... on... sterotyping. Take... Volvo... for... oil... change. 

I digress. 

This is for your lunchbox, dahling. From STACKED Wines: Single servings of vino, prepackaged in sealed plastic glasses. 

Five stars. This screams summertime croquet match in the park! Don't give me no flack for loving croquet, either. Intentional double-negative. 

*NOTE: Although you should absolutely should watch this whole clip, if you don't have time, just hit the one minute mark.


Posted on January 24, 2013 and filed under Booze, Fabulousness, Products.