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Manzi Pants

There was a teacher at my junior high school named Mr. Manzi. He wore his pants so high that they buckled right under his manboobs. Don't get me wrong, he was a great teacher, but the pants... ohhhhh, those pants. Sorry, Mr. Manzi. Love you, man. 

Viktor & Rolf have taken Manzi pants to an even higher level with the Top Belt Jumpsuit. Ladies, you can have them for $1,046.50.

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Jared Leto Named GQ's World's Worst-Dressed Man

Not the best week for Jared Leto

Monday, he turned 40. Yesterday, GQ anointed him as the World's Worst-Dressed Man. 

Here's the nitty-gritty from GQ

"He's flaunted nipples through mesh shirts. He's worn skirts about as frequently as pants. He's rocked a mullet. He is the Worst-Dressed Man in the World. Look, it's not that Jared Leto, the actor and 30 Seconds to Mars frontman, doesn't try. He tries too damn hard. Don't get us twisted, Jared, we like you, we think you're good at one of your day jobs. But consider this philosophy from legendary dandy Beau Brummell: 'A gentleman should never be noticed for the singularity of his dress.' What we think he means is, try not to look like a dick."

Rock on, Jared. 

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Saturday Night Fever

Saturday night was quite fun.  We attended a Mad Men-themed birthday party for Luis Demetrio Nolasco at Hotel Andaluz. A fine time was had by all. 

I could be wrong, but I think there's a strong chance that you might absolutely love my vintage ensemble by Mr. Blackwell. The collar, cuffs and hem on the dress match the cape. Thanks to Kamille Crowley for the amazing frock. 

And, yes, I got a new 'do, courtesy of the very talented Kelli Williams. That's part two of the second green hair post. The vinegar/lemon worked fairly well, but not well enough. Yes, I could've tried other things, but it was time for a change. I was more than ready, dahling.

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Fab Alert!

The Christian Louboutin Barbie Shoe Collection. Nine pairs of sassy, teeny-tiny Christian Louboutin shoes---complete with shoe boxes and bags---for Barbie's bountiful wardrobe. Around $65.

Posted on November 21, 2011 and filed under Fab Alert, Fashion.

Ummm.... NO.

Behold: the Alex stiletto by Christian Louboutin. Price: $4,995.

Complete with hairy toes, jeweled toenails and glittery heels, fashionistas are predicting these shoes will soon be all the rage. 

I say hell no. 


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Fab Alert!

Rizzoli have published a new Christian Louboutin book, which chronicles his life and shoes. Complete with a fabulous pop-up, gorgeous fold-out cover and striking photos of shoes galore, the book shares a wealth of info about the iconic designer.

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It's Fabturday!

Lots of fab things happening today, dahling.  1. First, mi amiga, Kimberly, and I are getting our palms read. Cue creepy music! Ooooweeeoooo! 


2. Next, we fetch mah huzzbun, then we're off to the grand opening bash at new downtown men's clothier, Dressed to Kill


3. Then it's over to Nob Hill for the Bollywood Bash Grand Opening at Sukhmani Nob Hill.


4. Last stop: the Aux Dog Theatre for The Dolls' annual Halloween play. This year, it's Satan's School for Girls -- The Reunion

Actually, that's probably not our last stop. Might need a little nightcap before heading home. It's is Saturday night, after all. 

Hope your Saturday is fabulous! 

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Was Coco Chanel a Nazi Spy?

That's what American historian Hal Vaughan contends in his new book, Sleeping with the Enemy: Coco Chanel's Secret Wars. Click here to read more about Vaughan's claims about Chanel. Pretty juicy stuff! 

The House of Chanel, however, says the story is totally bogus. 

Wonder who's telling the truth? 

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Louboutin Loses Red Sole War With YSL!

A judge denied Christian Louboutin's request for a preliminary injunction against Yves Saint Laurent for alleged trademark infringement on red-soled shoes.  This is not only a victory for YSL, but also opens the red sole floodgates for other shoe manufacturers, as as well. 

Sigh. So long, coveted red soles. Soon, we'll be able to buy hideous, red-soled shoe atrocities at Payless.




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Fab Alert!




Ever wish you could be privy to some of the ridiculous and totally shallow conversations at Conde Nast, the superpower of magazine publishers, and home to Vogue magazine? 


Somebody is eavesdropping in the Conde Nast elevator and posting the overheard comments on Twitter... and it's faaaabulous. 


You must check out the Twitter feed for Conde Elevator, which has amassed over 13,000 followers in just three days. 

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Missoni for Target is Almost Here!

Get ready, budget-conscious fashionistas. Target's Missoni line---featuring 400 (yay!) new pieces---arrives September 13 at all Target stores and 

In addition to womenswear, the line includes clothing for men, children and babies, as well as housewears. And, yes, the fab luggage will be available, too. 

Price range: $2.99 to $599.99. Most items will run around $40. Pow! 

Grab your little slice of  zig-zag heaven while you can. It all disappears October 22. 

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New Fashion Doc!

There's a new fashion documentary out. Cheers of joy! You know how much I adore docs, dahling.  The Tents chronicles the evolution of New York Fashion Week from it's meager beginnings to the current extravaganza known as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Feast on nterviews with designers like Donna Karan, Zac Posen, Betsey Johnson, Richie Rich and Carolina Herrera. We also hear from front row favorites such as Miss Guy, Nina Garcia, Robert Verdi and Carson Kressley, to name a few. 




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