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Paris in Bali

Can't even get a Paris break in paradise. She sat (in business class) behind two of our travel companions on their flight here a few nights ago. 

Paris Hilton, Like, Totally Loves Bali

Jakarta Globe --- High-profile celebrity Paris Hilton has been raving about Bali during an extended vacation, telling her more than 5.3 million followers on Twitter that the resort island is one of the most “incredible places I have ever been.” 

Hilton, who describes herself on the social media site as “Model, Actress, Singer, Brand, Business Woman, Fashion Designer, Author, Philanthropist and Empire,” arrived on the Island of the Gods on Wednesday night for a week-long holiday after a short stint in Singapore.

“Just landed in #Bali! So excited to be here for my first time! I’ve been wanting to come here forever! This is going to be amazing! #YES!” she tweeted. A day into her visit, Hilton said she was not disappointed. 

“I’ve been getting in some amazing R&R time, hitting up the spa and just relaxing for some girl time!” Hilton wrote. On the same day, Hilton elucidated about Bali on her Web site. 

“Bali has been pure paradise! I can’t believe I didn’t come here sooner! I have seen so many beautiful places around the world, but I definitely believe that Bali is one of the most incredible places I have ever been,” she said. Hilton was in Bali to attend the opening of her friend’s hair spa in Seminyak on Thursday. She will be in Bali until Wednesday. 

The socialite was scheduled to visit Jakarta last year for the opening of her namesake store at the Grand Indonesia mall, but she canceled her trip after being barred from entering Japan, two days after she pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor drug charge in Las Vegas. 

Via Jakarta Globe

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Giggle Fit of the Day

How fabulous is Anderson Cooper? I mean, really... the man can do no wrong in my eyes. Check out his analysis of Gerard Depardieu's now-infamous airplane urination incident. If you think the little giggles in the first two minutes are cute, just wait 'til you hit around the 2:35 mark.  [youtube=]

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Tara Reid's Speed Marriage

Sounds like Tara Reid had an interesting Saturday.  Posted on her Twitter page: 

I just got engaged! 13 Aug

Greece married! 13 Aug

Thank you for all of your support! I love you guys 13 Aug

Love in Greece...I am now a wife :) 13 Aug

Just got married in greece I love being a wife! 21 hours ago

Congratulations, Tara. Greece is the new Vegas... or at least it was on Saturday. Cheers! 

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Sheen: Goddessless

A few days ago I had the following thought: "It's been a while since we've had any Charlie drama."

Ask and ye shall receive. 

Charlie Sheen's last remaining goddess, Natalie Kenly, has moved out. 

Sounds like the warlock is being a poor sport, as he demanded Kenly return the Mercedes he bought her. Sheesh. 

Peace out, Goddess Natalie. May the rest of your life be scandal-free... though something tells me that might not happen. 

Sorry, Charlie. Time to bust out those pickup lines again. With winners such as, "“Let’s hook up and just bring fiery death," we know you'll land someone very special. 

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Clooney's Single Again!

It was only a matter of time. Dude has repeatedly said for years that he'll never marry again.  Confirmed bachelor George Clooney, 50, and model/actress Elisabetta Canalis, 32, announced their split in the following joint statement: 

"We are not together anymore. It's very difficult and very personal and we hope everyone can respect our privacy,"

She wanted marriage and babies. Him: not so much. C'est la vie.


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A New Blonde Moves Into Hef's Room!

Hef is killing it with his suave ways and massive bank. 

A new Playboy model, January's Playmate of the Month, 25-year-old Anna Sophia Berglund, has moved into Hef's room. Here's the big shocker: she's blonde. 

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Hef's Twins are Back!

Well, that didn't take long.  Hef's exes, twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon, have moved back into the mansion after moving out 1.5 years ago when Hef got serious with Crystal Harris. 

Get it, Hef! 




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Sorry, Hef!

Hugh Hefner was set to marry Crystal Harris this weekend, but his fiancée got cold feet and called it all off. 

To add insult to injury, she's featured on the cover of the July issue of Playboy... billed as "Mrs. Crystal Hefner." Yikes. 

On the cover, Harris, 25, is mostly naked, wearing nothing but the 85-year-old publisher's signature smoking jacket and captain's hat, and holding a Hef-esque pipe. Double-yikes. 

The headline: "America's Princess: Introducing Mrs. Crystal Hefner."  Triple-yikes. 

Check out the cover here.

Sorry, Hef. This is likely a very good thing, old chap. Especially since you insisted on no pre-nup. 

You know Holly Madison is doing a jig and having a satisfying, "I told you so" cocktail right about now. 


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Kim Kardashian is Engaged

Fasten your diamante-encrusted seatbelts, folks. It's another Kardashian wedding extravaganza.  After six whopping months of dating, New Jersey Nets forward, Kris (yes, with a K... seriously) Humphries, popped the question with a $2 million, 20.5-carat Lorraine Schwartz ring. He used red rose petals to write the words "Will you marry me?" on a white rug in Kim's bedroom.

Really? The ol' rose petal gag? Not exactly a proposal that one might expect would accompany such an absolutely gargantuan ring, but whatevs. 

After the proposal, Kim's mother, Kris (yes, just like Humphries... priceless!) Jenner, hosted an intimate family celebration, complete with mini-horses covered in glitter. I. Am. NOT. Kidding.

OK, moving on... 

Basketball and marriage proposals don't always work out. See for yourself. 


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A Prayer to St. Rip

Dear St. Rip, fierce guardian and confetti master, keep us safe from harm during tomorrow's rapture. Do us a solid and tell your boss's son to spare us. Thanks in advance. Loooove yooou.  [youtube=]

Yes, I know he's not dead. The man is a saint on earth, I tell ya'. 

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Hawking: No Heaven

The smartest man on Earth (after Stevie Wonder... and Rip Taylor), Stephen Hawking, told the Guardian that he rejects the notion of heaven.  "I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail," Hawking told the Guardian. "There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark." 

What do you think of Hawking's declaration? 


And, just for good measure...

If there IS a heaven, I hope and pray that I'm greeted by Rip Taylor himself (if he goes first, that is... no pressure, Rip... haaaay!) That's reason enough to behave yourself during your time on this Earth. If Rip's on the other side, be good now, because you do NOT want to miss out on that opportunity. 

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Ahh-nold Pumped The Help Up

Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a baby with a member of his household staff. The baby was born over a decade ago, but Maria Shriver just found out about it. This is why she dumped his ass last week. Case closed. 

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Weekend Wrap-Up

Due to not being able to post much this weekend, I give you the following... 1. Did anyone take advantage of World Naked Gardening Day yesterday? 

The American Association for Nude Recreation deemed May 14 as a world-wide day of tending to our gardens in the buff. I did not participate. Don't hate. 

2. Jesse James did it AGAIN.

The man is officially a douchebag. This time, he implied to Piers Morgan that ex-wife Sandra Bullock was insincere during their relationship, and that when she expressed her appreciation for him during award show acceptance speeches, it was nothing but acting. SHUT-uuuup, Mr. James. Shutupshutupshutupshutup!!!! 

3. Versace is launching a kids' fashion line. 

The House of Versace announced the Spring 2012 launch of Young Versace, a line exclusively for infant through 12-year-old fashionistas. The line is expected to incorporate natural fabrics, fun colors and the brand's glam-rock essence, not to mention it's iconic symbols, such as the Medusa and Greek frieze. 

4. Decent trade-off: Vaccine prevents HIV, causes herpes.

An experimental AIDS vaccine looks promising, as studies are indicating that it has the potential to eliminate HIV from the body. It works by injecting Cytomegalovirus (CMV), which is a type of herpes, into a person; this supposedly causes the immune system to constantly battle HIV. I soooo don't understand it, but it's incredibly encouraging. Think I'll have to do a cartwheel. Wheeee!

Hope a good weekend was had by all! 

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Epps Gets Served During Live Show!

Hangover star Mike Epps was served with a lawsuit whilst giving a comedy performance in Texas last week, and--needless to say--he was NOT happy about it. 

Thanks to TMZ, the profanity has been bleeped out, which is good, because I don't want WordPress to suspend this blog for legitimate reasons. 


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Jesse James is a Jackass

Dude... STOP. How many times are you going to try to publicly humiliate Sandra Bullock? Enough, already. Sheesh.  During an interview on Howard Stern's radio show yesterday, Stern asked James who was better in bed, ex-wife Bullock or current  fiancée, Kat Von D. 

Rather than taking the high road and keeping his fool mouth shut, James replied, "That one is an easy no-brainer: Kat Von D, one hundred per cent. She's a vixen.''


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