Kim Kardashian is Engaged

Fasten your diamante-encrusted seatbelts, folks. It's another Kardashian wedding extravaganza.  After six whopping months of dating, New Jersey Nets forward, Kris (yes, with a K... seriously) Humphries, popped the question with a $2 million, 20.5-carat Lorraine Schwartz ring. He used red rose petals to write the words "Will you marry me?" on a white rug in Kim's bedroom.

Really? The ol' rose petal gag? Not exactly a proposal that one might expect would accompany such an absolutely gargantuan ring, but whatevs. 

After the proposal, Kim's mother, Kris (yes, just like Humphries... priceless!) Jenner, hosted an intimate family celebration, complete with mini-horses covered in glitter. I. Am. NOT. Kidding.

OK, moving on... 

Basketball and marriage proposals don't always work out. See for yourself. 


Posted on May 25, 2011 and filed under Announcements, Celebrities.