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Marry Me, J. Nettles!

A note to Mr. Brown: I'm running away with J. Nettles and there's nothing you can do to stop me. He is my new favorite person. Call me Lisa Nettles and call it a day.



 Please click on that graphic to learn about J. Nettles. 

In a nutshell, he writes about editing with gusto. Best part ever: Everything---beginning right at his review title---about his otherwise-honest op-ed regarding the industry is bad... and then it gets worse. I love it so much.  It's among the things that make this country great. 

Call me, J. Nettles! Call me! 

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Um... WTF?!?

You might want to click HERE Then again, you might not. 

It's cringeworthy without being gross or lewd. 

Aw, c'mon. You know you want to. 

Just do it. Click HERE

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Um... Fab Alert?

death wish coffee

Personally, this wouldn't make me feel fabulous. Far from it. It would likely make me run into the street, screeching and tearing my hair out in clumps.

Some people, however, might find it fabulous. You go, jitterbugs.

Behold: Death Wish Coffee, which bills itself as "the world's strongest coffee."

Your basic cup of joe containes about 320 milligrams of caffeine. Sixteen ounces of Death Wish: about 660 milligrams.

According to the company's website:  "Death Wish Coffee is the most highly caffeinated premium dark roast organic coffee in the world. This is extreme coffee, not for the weak. Consider yourself warned."

Note to my premium dark roast organic coffee-loving husband: Please don't try it. I'm high-strung enough for both of us, dahling.

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Denny's Strikes Again!

via As if the Hobbit Menu wasn't enough...

Denny's has opened a 6,400-square-foot diner in downtown Las Vegas (on Fremont, of course). But it's not just a restaurant... there's a full cocktail bar, photo booth, wedding chapel and--of course--an Elvis-themed menu, offering items such as the King Stack (french toast with bananas, bacon and peanut butter), King Milkshake (same ingredients as the King Stack) and bacon-flavored martinis.

I can't handle it. 

(Via LVRJ)

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Crackhead Sunday


I'm never going to lose my last 10 lbs of baby weight this way. 

My girlfriend Michele came over today... with a fresh crack dip (aka buffalo chicken dip)... and 12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Yeah, both

See that pic up top? It's not that clear, I know---mad props to my super-lame phone cam. Anyway, that's crack dip on a baguette slice next to a red velvet doughnut chunk. Thought I'd throw some wine in for good measure. Classy. 

Here's a close-up of the red velvet doughnut. 


I won't lie: I ate crack dip and doughnuts all day. Literally from about 10 a.m. 'til 7 p.m.

It's a miracle I haven't puked yet. 

It's Finally Happening

Two more creepy cannibal attacks in the U.S., folks. Zombie apocalypse approacheth! Click here to read more.

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Double Craigslist Fail

Last night, I decided to see what kind of baby stuff could be found on Craigslist.  Result: frightening. 

1. Teeter Tater

"This is the coolest teeter tater you ever seen this is a yogi bear."

I'd love to spew an incredibly witty response, but I'm fairly speechless. How do you respond to that, I ask you? What the hell do you say?!? Teeter TATER

2. Box of Babies 

Naturally, I was so taken by the ad that I had to click on it. 

Click on the image to read the text. If you're too lazy to do that, I've copied it for you here:  

"This is a sad sad day. My 4 year old daughter really doesn't like baby dolls. I thought I would have a girl who loved babies as much as I did! I am coming to reality that it's just not going to happen. I cleaned out her closet today and this box is stuffed with new toys, old toys, baby clothes, babies, games, puzzles, and a brand new barbie doll head (the one that you style the hair) and so my loss is your gain. Can you see the tears running down my face?"

Considering her reaction to this situation, I can just imagine the grand scale of her meltdown when she learns that her daughter is a lesbian. Gooood times! 

I think I'm done with Craigslist. 

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Introducing... The GayKK

My awesome brother is in town. Drove here from Nashville. Along the way, he stopped at a Texas gas station to fill up. This was on the bathroom wall.

Apparently, the KKK has lightened its stance on homosexuals.

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I'll cut right to the chase: Tareq Salahi is running for governor of Virginia. 

That'll show his Journey guitarist-bangin' wife. 

This is the most foolish thing I've heard all week. 

Good luck, Tareq. Rootin' for ya', buddy.

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Is This a Joke?

Everyone's up in arms about Double Take's horrifically-awful single, Hot Problems. Please tell me it's a joke. There's just no way it can't be, right?  Right? 

I'm crossing my fingers over this, because if it isn't a joke, I might have to do something drastic... like eat a pint of Ben & Jerry's in one sitting. That's about the only drastic thing my über-pregnant ass can manage to do these days. Fierce, no?!

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Super-Grim Chat Line of the Day

I'll get right to the point, because this topic makes me feel like taking a hot shower...

There's a new chat line vying for your hard-earned dollars: Dial A Star

For around $10/min, you can have a private, one-on-one chat with Z-listers such as Tila Tequila, Jonny Fairplay, Danielle Staub, Michael Lohan, Dina Lohan, Nadya "Octomom" Suleman, Chris "Leave Britney Alone" Crocker and Daisy de la Hoya, to name a few. 

I'll stop there. Can't stop cringing. 

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