Happy Terencetrentd'arbyday

Sananda Francesco Maitreya is 50 today. Some of us know him better as Terence Trent D'Arby.

Apparently, he adopted the Sananda handle in 1995, following a series of dreams. He legally changed his name in 2001. 

I often have a series of dreams involving Disney World and a talking blob of Saran Wrap. I wonder how I could incorporate this into a new name? No, no... I can't wonder about that. It's far too early in the morning to think about these things (p.s. why didn't any of you tell me that pregnancy equals brutal insomia?!?). Plus, I just officially changed my name (that's Mrs. Brown to you, thankyouverymuch), so I suppose I'd better let that be for a while. 


Posted on March 15, 2012 and filed under Birthdays.