Lee Grace Dougherty: The Skeezefest Continues!

I had a serious hunch this was going to happen. Sure enough, Lee Grace Dougherty posed for some very scandalous photos mere days before her crime spree began. Yeeee-haw! 

Click here to check out the photos. Don't worry, worker bees, they're censored and SFW.  

My fave, without question, is this one. Look to the right of the television. Yes, my friends... that's a column of single-size snack chips. Rejoice!!!

I'll bet Hugh Hefner and the Vivid folks are seething with rage because Lee Grace is poised for mucho años en la pinta; otherwise, the offers would be rolling in. You know she'd be all over that sh*t, too!

She'd definitely host an extended-family viewing party for her porn release. And, because she's such a kind and considerate young lady, she'd make sure to reserve a front-row seat for her toothless granny, since her eyes ain't so good anymore.

Single-size Doritos and malt liquor intermission refreshments for everyone! Par-TAY! 


Posted on August 12, 2011 and filed under News, Scandal!.