Am I a Psychic A**hole?

Ummmm... yeah.... soooo... Jani Lane is dead at 47. Last night, his body was found at a Comfort Inn in Woodland Hills, Calif. 

After my last post (Sir Mix-a-Lot), I decided to get my morning TMZ fix. First post on the page: Jani's dead. Less than three minutes ago, I posted something a bit salty about him. Cue creepy music! OoooWOOOOeeeeeooooo! 

Should I remove the post out of respect? Hell no! It's no secret the man was totally miserable and hated Cherry Pie. I speak the troof, yo. He had a long history of alcoholism, depression and weight issues. On VH1's HEAVY: The Story Of Metal, Lane expressed his disdain for Cherry Pie, stating, "I could shoot myself in the f**king head for writing that song." See clip below. 

Peace out, Jani. Let's hope he's in a better place, cuz he sho' wasn't happy here. 


Posted on August 12, 2011 and filed under R-I-P-.