Top Three Lee Grace Dougherty Quotes of the Day

This could be the beginning of a lonnng list, dahling. 

While this absolute trainwreck of a media frenzy has only just begun, redneck gun moll Lee Grace Dougherty is already showing strong signs of trashy-ass infamy. 

Top three Lee Grace quotes of the day: 

1. "I like milk and German engineering."

2. "We weren't trying to hurt anyone."

3. "I pointed the gun at the cop." 

The last quote, as many of you might already know, was uttered as Lee Grace---in a flawless performance of Dumbest Bitch on American Soil---actually waived her g.d. right to remain silent and dished everything to detectives following Wednesday's high-speed chase and shootout that ended with a car crash and her arrest. 

Lee Grace, you vapid little goober, thanks for the chuckles, honey. 

Wonder what's next? 

Posted on August 11, 2011 and filed under News, WTF?!?.