Sociopathic Taco Bell Employee of the Day

Let's all raise a Gordita for Jason Dean of Dalton, Georgia, who wins today's Golden Chalupa award for Sociopathic Taco Bell Employee of the Day. Congratulations, Jason. 

Dean was arrested last night after handcuffing himself to another employee in the Ringgold, Ga., Taco Bell parking lot. Why? 'Cuz he had a crush on her. Awwww! Tender moments! 

Apparently, 24-year-old Dean had been trying to go out with the 18-year-old woman for several weeks. After several rejections, she even had her shift changed at Taco Bell so she could avoid him. 

Undeterred, Dean approached the object of his obsession in the Taco Bell parking lot and handcuffed himself to her wrist. Fortunately, several employees heard her cries for help and talked Dean into letting her go. Two days later, cops located him at home with the handcuffs still in his possession. He was arrested and with felony false imprisonment. 

I'm quite shocked that Dean went home after the incident rather than attempting to run for the border. Yeah, I know... SO lame... totally couldn't resist. I win the Dumb-as-Hell Taco Bell Sociopath Joke of the Day award. Congratulations, Lisa.

To see Jason Dean's sad-sack mug shot, click here

Via Times Free Press


Posted on August 11, 2011 and filed under WTF?!?.