Screaming Example of Gut Instinct of the Day

I don't know about you, but I'm all about the whole 'go with your gut' thing. Fortunately, my mother subscribes to this theory, as well... otherwise, her car would've been a crumpled mess yesterday. 

Some dude on a crime spree in a stolen car parked the car in her office parking lot, then slinked away. Later, he returned to fetch the car... right when the cops were canvassing the area. He leapt out and fled on foot... barefoot, that is... the guy literally ran right out of his shoes. He left the car running and it proceeded to roll across the lot and into some hedges. 

Here's where the gut part kicks in...

Mother parks in the same spot every day. Yesterday, however, she pulled into her spot, then realized there was shade one space over. She backed out and reparked. Still wasn't good enough. She backed out and reparked AGAIN. 

The stolen car crashed no more than six inches from her car. The hoopty ended up right where her car nearly always sits, day after day. The pic above was taken right after the incident, but Mom had already moved her car to the other side of the lot by this point. 

When it all went down, a client from the office came outside, surveyed the damage, turned to my mother and said, "Lady, you'd better go buy a lottery ticket today." 

Cue dramatic music! 


Click here  for the news coverage of this incident. Warning: It's unedited. In other words, it's annoying.

Posted on August 16, 2011 and filed under News.