Embarrassing Salahi Photo-Op of the Day

This one is seriously cringe-worthy, dahling.  Click here to see a new staged photo of our pal, Tareq Salahi, shopping for... wait for it... electric guitars. Yes, guitars: The exact same instrument his estranged wife's paramour, Neil Schon, plays in the awesome rock band, Journey.

Great idea, Tareq. Perhaps if you learn to play well enough, AND you manage to score a gig playing lead in a wildly-successful, touring rock band, your wife will come back to you. Don't stop believin', sir. 

Oh, Tareq. Ohhhhhh, Tareq. You've gotta stop it, man. You look like an absolute moron. Stop. Go quietly, I say. We implore you. 

Click here to see the pic


Posted on October 4, 2011 and filed under Faux Pas, WTF?!?.