Little Girl in an Enormous Chair Pic of the Day

Behold! My dear friend Addison at the Children's Museum of Virginia.  I was at a gay bar when her mother, Sheli, sent this pic. We all gasped in awe. 

"Ohmygawwwd!" gasped my friend, Jason, clutching his imaginary pearls. "Is this real? She looks like a tiny little doll! I loooove it!"

"It's kinda creepy," declared Bradd. "I love it, too." he added quite staunchly. 

Judgment sealed. Verdict: fabulous. 

We knew what I had to do: post the darn thing... and post it quickly. 

Five stars, Addison. 

(Thanks, Sheli!)

Posted on July 13, 2011 and filed under Fabulousness.