Ed. Note: Rapture = Judgement

Fabulista Kim B. just corrected me:  [12:16:48 PM] Kimberly B: fyi lol [12:17:00 PM] Kimberly B: may 21 was judgement day and october 21 is rapture

So, because my lazy ass refuses to go back and replace rapture with judgement in previous posts, just go ahead and tackle that task yourself, peeps. Gracias. 

And thanks to you, Kim... you eagle-eyed betch. This one goes out to you: Judgement Day, by D-Devils. It's quite possibly among the most ridiculous things I've witnessed all month. Does this actually qualify as entertainment? My thumb turneth downeth. Sorry, D-Devil fans, but I'm giving it the "oh, hell no" stamp. 


Posted on May 23, 2011 and filed under Editing.