Friday Fabü


Photo by Wes Naman for Local iQ

The Thermage treatment process is fairly fascinating. Aestheticians Nicole Ortega and Melissa Schultz at the Spa at WDC cleansed my skin and then prepped it with topical anesthetic. Next, they applied a removable, grid-like reference tattoo on my entire face. Easily cleansed off immediately after treatment, the grid assists practitioners to ensure the proper areas are being treated. They powered up the high-tech hardware and went to work.

Each time Schultz and Ortega (they alternated segments) applied the tip of the Thermage wand to a tiny grid position on my skin, it delivered a controlled burst of cooling cryogen spray, followed by a burst of radiofrequency (read: heat), then another cooling blast. The cool-heat-cool process prevents any surface damage. Each triple blast lasts only a few moments, and then it’s on to the next grid spot.

I won’t kid you — it wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows. You know there are times when I wield the “beauty is pain” motto. This is one of those times. It’s manageable, though; like placing a hot tea bag to a tiny section of your skin for a few seconds. It’s not a cakewalk, but neither is an evening in your fave stilettos. Deal with it, dahling. And know this: Some people simply feel a deep heating sensation, but no discomfort. You won’t know until you try.

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Posted on March 10, 2011 and filed under Fabü.