Bark at the Supermoon!

Supermoon fever! 

The biggest full moon of the year occurs this weekend: Saturday, May 5, at 11:35 p.m. Eastern. 

So not only is it Cinco de Mayo, but it's the biggest full moon of the whole year.  In other words, it's... going... to... get... KA-RAAAY-ZAY this year.

The emergency rooms will be filled with über-drunk maniacs! They'll all be wearing sombreros and sarapes! There will likely be lots of fight victims... stab and gun wounds galore, honey! Supermoon Cinco de Mayo will eat your children, so keep everyone indoors. And stay off the roads. That goes for everyone, even the teetotalers. 

Perhaps I'll have a virgin margarita. I do miss tequila, I won't lie. It makes me so crazy that I can't drink it around my husband. 

"Drink all you want with your friends, but keep that girl (meaning Crazy Tequila Lisa) away from me," he mandated quite some time ago. 

He can drink tequila 'til the cows come home, and he just gets a little silly and sappy. Me: serial killer. Unfair! 

This is a perfect time for a Butterfield break.

Posted on May 3, 2012 and filed under Events.