Faux Pas of the Day

Warning: TMI.  Whilst showering this eve, I thought it might be nice to go the extra mile in the grooming department. After all, it's the husband's birthday. While a wild, steamy romp isn't necessarily in the works for this heavily pregnant couple, I could at least wear something cute for sleepwear tonight.  

So, with razor in one hand and a hearty dollop of shaving cream in the other, I went to work. Though I can't remotely see past my belly anymore, I figured I knew my nether regions well enough to do a decent job. After all, I've been doing this for decades, dahling. 

I am mortified to report that my crotch now looks like Gary from Team America: World Police when he wore his terrorist disguise. Derka-derka. It's BAD. 

I'm making an appointment for bikini sugaring. Only the pros can save this mess. 


Happy birthday, hubs. Woo! 

Pregnant women (not to mention all the big gurls and potbellied men), learn from my mistake---don't try this at home. 


Posted on May 1, 2012 and filed under Faux Pas.