Friday Fabü

Ah, the wedding issue — always a favorite. You might recall that I got married nearly four months ago. Does that still make me a newlywed? I vote yes, mostly because I’m lazy and don’t want to wipe the shoe polish off my car windows or untether the cans from the bumper. Did I say lazy? I meant really busy. Leave me alone.

This year’s Fabü wedding edition topic is extra-fabulous: custom attire. Last spring, my friend, Sabra Minkus, contacted me about helping find a dress she could wear to her daughter Bonnie’s summer wedding to Jayme Holmes. However, this wasn’t just any dress for the mother-of-the-bride — it was a Chanel gown that Sabra saw in W magazine’s New York Fashion Week coverage.

After several calls within various levels of the Chanel hierarchy, I finally got my answer. “Zat was for ze runway only,” declared the oh-so-French couture specialist, who I imagined was dripping in pearls and clutching a quilted leather phone. “It eez not available for purchez.” Sigh. Mission failed. Dream shattered. Or was it?

I contacted Teresa Romero, designer and owner ofThe Designer’s Lounge (7101 Menaul NE, 505.508.1750,, a fashion design and sewing studio. A nearly 20-year fashion industry veteran, Romero came highly recommended for her custom dresses, particularly for brides and bridal party members.

“The women I am commissioned by have shopped around and can’t seem to find their dream dress,” said Romero.

Together, Romero and Minkus mapped out a plan for a custom, Chanel-inspired gown. 

Click here to read the rest of the column in Local iQ magazine's special wedding issue! 

Posted on January 27, 2012 and filed under Fabü.