Happy Earthakittday

Wow---there are a plethora of birthdays today, dahling. 

Kid Rock: 41

Michelle Obama: 48

Jim Carrey: 50

Muhammad Ali: 70

James Earl Jones: 81

Vidal Sassoon: 84

Betty White: 90 (yay!)

Al Capone: 113

Benjamin Franklin: 306

Look at that list. They're all fabulous, unquestionably. There's also no question about who should receive today's spotlight: Ms. Eartha Kitt. She is the most fabulous of them all! Yes, even more fabulous than our first lady. Yes, even more fabulous than The Greatest (no offense, Mr. Ali, we're incredibly fond of you, too).It's EARTHA KITT, for crying out loud. There is no argument here. Eartha wins, hands down. 

Happy 85th birthday, Eartha. You are perpetually in the spotlight of our hearts. We love you so. 


Posted on January 17, 2012 and filed under Birthdays.