Happy Littlerichardday

I'm so excited! It's Little Richard day! Total icon. Man, do I love me some Little Richard. 

Why in the world haven't I dressed up as Little Richard for Halloween yet? 

I always come up with the best Halloween costumes between, like, November and August. And I never write them down. Then October comes around and I have no clue what to wear for Halloween. This. Happens. EVERY. Year. 

Am I going to change my ways and write down "Little Richard Halloween Costume" somewhere? Hell no! Why break tradition, I say? And, as a result, I'll probably spend Halloween 2012 in some lame-ass get-up like a phantom or something equally yawn-worthy. 

I'm supposed to be writing about Little Richard, aren't I? Sigh. 

HAPPY 79th BIRTHDAY, LITTLE R! We love you! 


Posted on December 5, 2011 and filed under Birthdays, Videos.