Putting the 'Ho' in Holiday

There's something you really need to know: on December 10th, during Santacon San Francisco, they're going to establish a world record for the largest gathering of naked Santas

From the press release: 

You may ask, "Why NAKED?"

Well, there's plenty of other Santa records...like:

* Largest gathering of Santas * Largest gathering of Elves * Largest Secret Santa gifting group * blah blah blah

San Francisco has a long tradition of people being naked in public. Heck, it's almost required when we have a large group of people get together in our fair city...

So, since Santacon will again be a HUGE gathering of Santas and San Francisco damn well better be the BEST at EVERYTHING, then let's do this!

The day before Santacon, Dec. 9th, we'll announce the location for this World Record Attempt and it will be somewhere central to the "official" routes for all you Santas. If you want to go down in history, BE THERE AND GET READY!

Here's the rules:

* You have to be naked, but CAN and SHOULD be at least wearing a Santa hat. Boots/boot covers and gloves are also OK. Otherwise, it's Full Monty or nuthin' * No Elves, No Reindeer, etc. We LOVE all Santacon revellers, but Guinness will be strict about the "Santa" requirement. * You'll have to sign some paperwork with your name, address and email and OK us to take your photo, that's part of the Guinness rules too.

Posted on November 17, 2011 and filed under Events.