Bali Trip Notes

Hotel internet was out for the last few days. Here's what's been happening in paradise. There was a 5.2-mag earthquake two days ago. We didn't feel it... likely because we'd just had a few cocktails, so everything was a bit wobbly already. It was a harmless quake; no injuries or damages.

Other than that, there's been a lot of shopping...

Dining and imbibing...


And---perhaps the best part of all---receiving copious spa treatments. We visit the spa every day; sometimes more than once. A one-hour full-body massage is about $7. Yes, seriously. Facial: $9. Mani/pedi: $6 each. One-hour foot reflexology/foot massage: $6.50. Same rate for the one-hour back, neck and shoulder massage. There are body scrubs galore, special hand and foot treatments, waxing, tinting, aromatherapy baths... the list goes on and on, my friends. 

There are no words to describe my joy

Tomorrow's selection: the Bunga Briella Package. Here's the description from the spa menu: 

Treatment begins with a 1 hour traditional body massage, followed by a body scrub with your choice of exotic body scrubs [I'm going with the Balinese boreh scrub, which incorporates a blend of pepper, cloves and ginger], then tantalize your senses with a candle-lit aromatherapy bath filled with fresh flowers. A truly divine experience. Served with ginger tea or fruit juice. 2 + hours. Rp 275.000 [about $30]

Needless to say, we're totally blissed-out. 

Today we checked out of the Bali Court hotel and moved on to the private villa in Seminyak. When we entered the courtyard, I honestly got a little misty-eyed. It's so beautiful. 

Just as we settled down in our room for the night, it began to rain. Perfect soundtrack for sweet dreams. 

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