Friday Fabü


What would this column be without its annual Halloween suggestions? Snoresville, that’s what. This year, I have some extra-fab ones for you. Pour something potent and revel in the ghoulishness of it all. Let’s do this.

My absolute top pick for this year: Princess Beatrice at the royal wedding. That fallopian nightmare of a Philip Treacy fascinator demands absolute ridicule this Halloween.

Cover a base with blush-colored fabric. Get a roll of wide, wired ribbon from the craft store. Buy an oval Styrofoam hoop and some blush-toned spray paint while you’re there. Paint the base, hoop and ribbon separately. Let all pieces dry completely before assembling. Grab a reference photo, a glue gun and some pins and—presto!—you’re a royal tragedy. Don’t forget to go heavy on the eye makeup.

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Posted on October 28, 2011 and filed under Fabü.