Happy Darylhallday

Darryl Hall is 65 today. Now you can start collecting those benefits, pal. Good job, rocker! 

Here's the big question of the day: Do you know which one is actually Darryl Hall? No cheating, Googler! Stop it! Just guess, damnit. 

How did you do? It's all right if you got it wrong... wait, no, it's so not all right --- it means you're a total LOSER!!!! 

I'm only mocking you to make myself feel better, dahling. I didn't know the difference between Hall and Oates until about, ummm, yesterday. Seriously, I still screw it up. Shame on me. 

Happy birthday, Mr. Hall... with your pseudo-Groucho 'stache and beady eyes. Welcome to 65, sir. 

Egad! Tricked by Oates again! When will I get it right? New mantra: Hall equals ginger mullet... Hall equals ginger mullet... Hall equals ginger mullet... Hall equals ginger mullet. 

I'll get you, Hall & Oates, if it's the last thing I do. Cue evil cackle! 

OK... this video... the sequined devil striding across the stage at the 1:07 mark... five stars. 


Posted on October 11, 2011 and filed under Birthdays, Music, Videos.