If Bruce Springsteen Is The Boss, Then I Quit!

Oh, Bruce. I've tried to love you. I know nearly everybody else on the damn planet loves you, but I just don't think it's gonna work out between us. I'm sorry. No... please... don't cry...

It's OK, Brucie. Shhhh... now, there... it's OK... shhhh. Huuuush lil' bebby, don' say a worrrd. Come on, now. It'll be alright, sweetie.  Here's a tissue.

Now let me see a smile. C'mon, you can do it. Who's got a smile for me?

There we go! There's a smile! Attaboy! Way to go, Bruce! 

Yeah, yeah... that's Bon Jovi... whatever. Same difference. These all-American, ballad-loving Jersey rockers are all the same to me: BORRRRINGG!

Happy 62nd birthday, Bruce. Stop crying. 

R.I.P., Clarence Clemons!


Posted on September 23, 2011 and filed under Birthdays.