Happy Colonelsandersday

Colonel Harland Sanders: 121. Go, Colonel. 

When I was a wee schoolgirl, the whole class laughed at me during a group reading exercise because I pronounced colonel 'cole-O-nell.' I was also shamed for repeatedly mispronouncing corps as 'corpse.' 

The soldier quickly moved up the ranks, ultimately becoming a cole-O-nell in the Army Corpse. 

Sheesh. It's a f**king wonder I ever passed third grade. 

About the pic up there. It's a placard (ema) typically used at Shinto shrines. People write their prayers on the back and leave them at the shrine for the gods to answer. This ema was hanging from the ceiling at a Japanese KFC.

Who prays to Cole-O-nell Sanders? Seriously. He's dead, which technically makes him a Shinto god, but still... c'mon.

I deem this ema both the most ridiculous AND fabulous thing of the day. 


Posted on September 9, 2011 and filed under Birthdays.