Friday Fabü

(Posting Thursday due to all-day travel tomorrow. Labor Day adventures await!)

If there’s one word I would not use to describe the jewelry at Sukhmani Nob Hill (105 Amherst SE, 505.255.2883,, it’s baubles. These are far from trinkets, dahling. Think chunky, inspirational, high-quality statement pieces.

Just a few minutes west of the fairgrounds, this tranquil boutique is a welcome reprieve from the lukewarm-to-sterile vibe of many common jewelry stores. Owners Sat Bachan Anthony and Sat Gurumukh Khalsa and their incredibly genial staff ensure that each visitor feels welcome, comfortable and important.

I can confidently attest that Sukhmani jewelry is like nothing you’ve ever seen. Among their copious treasures, you’ll find stately turquoise, electric-colored coral and the most prodigious, certified amber pendants you’ve ever laid eyes on. Many of their pieces are featured in Smithsonian Institution collections. How’s that for fabulous?

As if the decadent jewelry isn’t enough, the Sukhmani family of products also includes natural and organic body care, exotic home decor, gorgeous paintings, Japanese raw wax candles and authentic silk and wool textiles. Just browsing in this lovely environment makes you feel better than you did when you walked in the door.

“Our products are meant to make people feel good,” said Anthony, “To give them a little respite and pleasure in a busy world.”

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Posted on September 1, 2011 and filed under Fabü.