Best. Birthday. Gift. EVAH!!!!

Guess what DJB gave me for my 40th birthday?  An engagement ring, dahling. Vintage. 1915. Perfect. 

We were dining at our fave French restaurant, La Crêpe Michel. We had the back room to ourselves. Suddenly, he came around to my side of the table, kissed me, dropped to one knee and proposed. 

I, being the elegant swan that I am, froze, slapped him approximately six times, babbled incoherently, then finally shrieked "yes!" I continued shrieking until the staff came to see who was being murdered in the back dining room. Once they realized it was a happy occasion rather than a criminal act, we all celebrated. 

To say I am on cloud nine is an understatement.

Thanks, Mr. Brown. Crazy about you.

Posted on August 30, 2011 and filed under Announcements, Fabulousness.