Get the Barf Bag Ready

Michael Vick is complaining to the press that he misses his dogs. 

Yes, the same Michael Vick who was prosecuted a few years ago for financing extensive dog fighting activities and participating in the abuse, torture and execution of under-performing dogs. 

In a new GQ interview, Vick whines:

"I miss dogs, man. I always had a family pet, always had a dog growing up. It was almost equivalent to the prison sentence, having something taken away from me for three years. I want a dog just for the sake of my kids, but also me. I miss my companions.”

Sorry, Mike. I don't feel the least bit sorry for you, man. Your previous treatment of dogs is sickening. Yes, since your arrest and incarceration, you've made numerous public statements against animal abuse... but c'mon, we're not that stupid... that's the work of your PR pros. Please, do us all a favor: Shut the hell up and just play football. 

Vick’s probation is scheduled to end in 2012, at which time it’s expected he'll be able to legally own a dog. 

Posted on August 18, 2011 and filed under Rants/Raves, WTF?!?.