Super Ella Bros!

My nephew, Brennan Gilpatrick, has a penchant for filmmaking. Here's his latest: Super Ella Bros., featuring his sister/my niece, the fabulous Ella. 


Here are some of my favorite works by Brennan. Both feature several members of my Indiana fam. Haaaay, Indy fam! 

First, The Dinner Guest, a zombie-lover's delight! Fans of my awesome brother, Zach, will enjoy his cameo at the 09:05 mark. 


This one is lovely: The Crescendo Kid, winner of the 2010 Indy Teen Film Festival. You might recognize the piano teacher; it's my high-collar-ruffle-stripe-blouse-loving sister, Kelly. 


The family that acts together, stays together. Keep up the fabulousness, Brennan. Bright future!

Posted on July 29, 2011 and filed under Fabulousness, Movies, Videos.