Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a lovely and wholesome weekend, dahling.  Happy fifth birthday to my pal, Addison. She's the boss with the hose. Get 'em, girl! 

Addison's mom, event planner Sheli Armstrong, receives five stars for the fab cake. 

Next, DJB and I took the dogs to the always-fantastic Mariposa Gallery in Nob Hill for their annual pet portrait fundraiser. For a mere $15 donation per pet, we received on-the-spot, one-of-a-kind portraits of Mr. Fynn and Miss Mary. 

The final products are quite different. Fynn's is classic, while Mary's is straight-up cartoony.

I liken Mary's portrait to Wile E. Coyote in a sailor dress. She will blow up your world with dynamite and unceremoniously drop anvils on you, all whilst looking fabulous in festive, themed frocks. 

Next, we strolled around Nob Hill Summerfest. Central was blocked off from Girard to Washington. Great music, street vendors, food, bevvies and most of the boutiques were having great sales. Check out this snazzy little number from Off Broadway. It's a funky, late 60s dress with abstract blue/green print, flared sleeves and tied belt. 

I can almost guarantee this year's birthday dress will come from Off Broadway. It's a big birthday, my friend. It starts with a four and ends with an ohmygawwwd. Sigh. Fabulous. The dress MUST rule. 

This little dancing diva wins Coolest Chick of the Day award. She was hoofing it like there was no tomorrow, totally solo. She was so composed and focused. I was crabby until I saw her. Then I felt lighter and happier. Thanks, girl. 

How was YOUR weekend, leisure lovah?  

Posted on July 24, 2011 and filed under Events, Fashion, Shopping.