Let's All Behave Ourselves Online, Shall We?

OK, so I just checked Daily Mail's coverage of the arrival of Ivanka Trump's baby.

She let The Donald announce the name: Arabella Rose. Cute, right? Naturally, this is front-page news. It's a big deal. Big enough to be ranked high on Mail's relevance list. 

Here's the kicker: the comments. 

Beautiful name! Finally someone who didn't name her kid Eiffel, Shark or Winnie the Pooh! - Cindy, Paris, 18/7/2011 20:17

People who are called 'Cindy' really shouldn't comment on other people's names. - Samantha, London, 18/7/2011 20:47

People are so, so, sooooo bitchy online. Just because you know that person doesn't know you or where you live---thus rendering them unable to kick your sorry ass after you cyber-slam them---doesn't mean you shouldn't abandon your manners whilst communicating via the Internets. 

Be nice, for crying out loud. Just do it. Just be nice. Sheesh. 

Posted on July 18, 2011 and filed under Rants/Raves.