Santa Fe Wedding Fabulousness: The Main Event

The wedding was breathtakingly gorgeous. See for yourself.

The bride, Bonnie Minkus, and groom, Jayme Holmes, are standing under a chuppah made by mother-of-the-bride, Sabra Minkus. It symbolizes the home they'll create together. The sides are left open to signify that all friends and family are welcome into their new life and home. The roof above the chuppah is embroidered with the traditional phrase, Ani L'Dodi V'Dodi Li (I Am My Beloved's and My Beloved is Mine), from the Song of Solomon

Reception: incredible. Posh as can be, yet it retained the warmth of a far more intimate scenario... well done, everyone. 

Guest-list? Fabulous, of course. Here's my table roster, alone. 

Not pictured: Aaron Gottlieb. 

And, of course, mister man and yours truly.  

No, I didn't attend the event topless; it's a strapless maxi dress, dahling! Add maxi bangs + maxi bracelet, and the result is easy, breezy, but not sleazy... in short, a good summer wedding guest dress. 

Here's DJB with the happy, gorgeous couple. 

Michele Meade and I nearly missed the whole Hava Nagila experience because we were chatting it up outside. Fortunately, we caught the tail end.

One of the evening's highlights: the children's impromptu cover of Lady Gaga's Born This Way. Beyond fabulous. I cried a little; that's how cool it was. 


Such a lovely weekend. Hearty thanks and congratulations, Bonnie and Jayme! 

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