Indy Trip Notes: Foot Fitness

There's a fab little place in the Indianapolis suburb of Greenwood called Foot Fitness. It's a little slice of heaven in the form of a cool, dimly-lit single room chock full o' Vietnamese masseuses. 

The treatment begins with a foot soak. While soaking, your hands and arms are massaged. Next, your feet are dried with a fluffy towel, then you receive a vigorous leg massage and foot acupressure/reflexology treatment. Your chair is then fully reclined, and it's time for the... ahhhhh... scalp massage. Then you flip over and enjoy a vigorous neck, shoulder and back massage. And by vigorous, I mean not for wimps; these dudes put the pressure on ---- in a good way. However, if you prefer a light touch, go somewhere else, tenderoni; Foot Fitness is not for sissies.

The hour-long treatment runs... get ready to fall over... $25. Yep. Not a typo. Twenny-fi dolla, my friends. How's THAT for fabulous? 

I love you, Foot Fitness. I shall return each and every time I'm in town. Promise. 


Posted on July 10, 2011 and filed under Beauty, Fabulousness, Travel.