Craving S'mores?

I am. In a huge way. This is likely because it again smells like Camp Wallowfire outside. That Arizona wildfire is kicking our air quality's ass ova' hurr. 

The Wallow Fire (named after Bear Wallow Wilderness, near where the fire is thought to have started) has now advanced to third place in the Arizona's Largest Wildfire contest. It is zero percent contained. 

If the fire is affecting your area, here's some info you might want to know, courtesy of KASA Fox 2:

  • The thick, smoky haze is going to be in New Mexico for a while and it has caused the Environmental Health Department to issue another health advisory. 
  • It could cause people to have difficulty breathing. 
  • The elderly, infants, people who have asthma or heart disease and even healthy people may also be affected by the haze. 
  • Limit your time outdoors and keep windows and doors closed. 

There will be patio ashes in the morning, fo sho. 



Posted on June 6, 2011 and filed under News, Weather.