Free Advertising!

Today's extra-stupid award goes to the Florida Family Association. It's Orlando Gay Days time, which brings in millions of tourist dollars to the area each year. The FFA, an anti-gay Christian group, spent over $7,000 to fly planes over Orlando dragging giant banners that read, “Warning Gay Day at Disney" as part of their regular boycott and protest of the annual event.

Reportedly the FFA attests that because Disney Gay Day patrons do scandalous things like public kissing and dressing in drag, children will turn gay if they witness it. Bwaaahahaha! 

They say protest, I say free advertising. If I was hanging around Orlando and wasn't aware it was Disney's Gay Day, then that plane went flying by, you'd best believe I'd be in line at the gates of the Magic Kingdom within the hour, because that sounds like an unquestionably grand time to me.


Posted on June 5, 2011 and filed under Events, News.