Wallow-Induced Haze

This is the Wallow wildfire along the Arizona/New Mexico border. It's the fourth-largest fire (and quickly moving toward third place) in Arizona state history, having burned over 100,000 acres so far. It caused a thick, smoky haze and campfire scent throughout my fair city last night. Nobody knew what was going on. Seemed like the whole city was on fire, but nobody knew where the flames were. Soon, news spread that it was in from Arizona. Thus, we carried on with our evenings in the haze. DJB and I walked the dogs a little before midnight. Probably not so great for our lungs, but it was just so crazy-hazy-cool that we couldn't resist. We walked along a closed stretch of road (Coal between Washington and Carlisle), which added to the creepiness. Zombies could have been anywhere. 

This morning, everything was covered with a fine layer of ash. My all-black patio tables look like a giant with dandruff leaned over them and shook its head all over the place. I can only imagine what the 1,000+ evacuees are dealing with. Love and prayers.

Click here to see fire footage. 

Posted on June 3, 2011 and filed under News.