Dear America: This Totally Sucks!

I might need to move to China, eat pickled frogs and lounge around in antibacterial underwear, because I'm officially über-ashamed of our country right now. Why? Are you ready for this? I'm not sure that you are. Pause and take a deep breath, because you're about to hear some seriously stupid news.

The most-photographed attraction in New York City is......

The Apple store on Fifth Avenue.

Yes, the computer store. Not Rockefeller Center... not Times Square... not Central Park... the g.d. Apple store. Shamefully, shaaaaamefully true.

It feels like somebody stepped on a butterfly inside my heart right now. I'm gonna go barf... or listen to Morrissey... or both. Too bad there isn't a recording of Morrissey barfing. Efficient.

Via TechNews Daily

Posted on May 31, 2011 and filed under NYC, Rants/Raves, Shopping, WTF?!?.