Whilst taking a leisurely, holiday bicycle ride, I noticed this strange statement tagged on a portable toilet.  "Do nothing out of love."

I've a hunch author IMV was dumped or somehow otherwise had his/her heart bruised. 

I'm intrigued by the editing. What's up with the less it?

Problems + spray paint = that mess. 

Don't listen to crabby ol' IMV, dahling... do everything out of love. 

In fact, that's now today's credo: 

Do everything out of love


DJB told me just after posting that the less it is not, in fact, an editorial mark indicating omission, it's simply a shadow on a crease in the Porta-Potty wall; a design feature, if you will. 

Who includes ANY design features in a portable toilet? It's a stupid, sh*t-haulin', portable toilet... just let it be that. This totally nullifies my war with IMV. I am pissed about it. 

So, let's give that g.d. sage, IMV, credit for providing today's credo:  Do nothing less it out of love

All flowery with the "less it." Probably having Shakespearean fantasies right now. Sophist. 

I still don't like IMV. Nevah will! There, I said it. 

Posted on May 29, 2011 and filed under Credo, Editing, Faux Pas.