Houston, We Have a Problem

It's National Dog Bite Prevention Week, my friends. Par-TAY!!!! Cocktails for everyone! 

To help raise dog attack awareness and promote responsible pet ownership, the U.S. Postal Service released the following stats

Where do dogs bite letter carriers the most? 

1.) Houston: 62 letter carriers attacked in 2010.

2.) Columbus, Ohio and San Diego (tie): 45 each.

3.) Los Angeles: 44

4.) Louisville: 40

5.) San Antonio, Texas and St. Louis (tie): 39 each.

6.) Cleveland and Phoenix (tie): 38 each.

7.) Minneapolis and Portland, Ore.: 35 each.

8.) Denver and Philadelphia: 31 each.

9.) Sacramento: 30

10.) Seattle: 28

No bad dogs, please. If you need good-dog inspiration, simply channel the effervescent and oh-so-stylish Mary Poppins, who received a new sailor dress yesterday. 

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