"Gaahl Hates Your Sweatpants"

I'm just gonna throw it right out there: Gaahl is gay. My day is officially made. I guess this isn't the newest news, but it sho' is news to me, hunty!

Perhaps you're familiar with Gorgoroth, one of the creepiest Norwegian death metal bands of all time. Gaahl is their former vocalist. He's the handsome gent in the middle up there. And he's gay. I'm so happy!!!!!!!!! Rob Halford, eat your heart out! There's a new metal queen in town, and her name's Gaahl, betch!


In this über-fab Vice interview, "Gaahl Hates Your Sweatpants," Gaahl talks fashion and boyfriends. Whoa. Never in a million years did I think I'd EVER use the phrase, "Gaahl talks fashion and boyfriends." I need to get up and do a few cartwheels. Wheeee! Happies!

Viceland.com - You remember Gaahl. He’s that skinny, long-haired Norseman we’ve featured on and off for a while now, particularly in the VBS.tv documentary True Norwegian Black Metal. He was the singer of Gorgoroth, once the scariest band in at least all of Scandinavia.

He went to prison a couple of times for violence and cases of ritualistic torture and was condemned by no less than the pope in Rome. (These things should be ringing some bells.) He’s the one who, amid impaled sheep heads and crucified models, would bellow, scream, and gargle to massive crowds as hundreds of gallons of sheep’s blood spilled all over the place. And then, in Bergen, Norway, he was crowned Gay Person of the Year in 2010. Riiiiight, that guy.

Today Gaahl is reserved, bordering on refined. A while back he was found admiring a runway show for a fashion line he co-owns, sitting front row, sipping expensive Italian red wine, and staring affectionately as his then 19-year-old boyfriend, Robin Jakobsen, skipped down the catwalk in colorful androgynous creations with funky Ibiza house music blasting from all sides. This side of Gaahl sounded interesting to us, but when we asked to reinterview him about clothes for this issue, we weren’t at all sure how interesting it might be to him. We were worried we might annoy him. But what we discovered was the earthly personification of Balder, the golden Norse god of happiness and perfection. Over three bottles of very fine wine we had the following conversation.

Vice: You seem very much at ease, happy even. In what ways do you channel the more intense side of your personality now that Gorgoroth is done? Gaahl: I’ve got my method. Ninety percent of my artistic expression is not perceptible to the world. Read the rest at Vice Magazine: GAAHL HATES YOUR SWEATPANTS - The Former Gorgoroth Front Man Yaps Fashion and Boyfriends - Vice Magazine


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