Trip Notes: Nashville Finale, Part II

As promised, the basement footage. [youtube=]

That creepy basement made me want to put the lotion on my skin so I didn't get the hose again. Thanks to the guys for making it as pleasant as possible.

The most unnerving part was the eerie sound of the tornado sirens. Here's some good siren/storm footage from just up the street.


After that, we hauled ass to the airport. Barely made my flight, which surprisingly departed nearly on time. You're a bad-ass town, Nashville. Thanks for having me.

The biggest thanks of all go to this guy:

That's the epitome of bad-ass, right there.

Love you, bro. Thanks for cordially enduring yet another year of April 1 shenanigans.

Until next year...

Posted on April 5, 2011 and filed under Travel, Weather.