Trip Notes: Nashville - Day Two

Spent some downtown time today. Walkin'... talkin'... and waaay too much eatin'. First, we had a big breakfast. Shortly thereafter, we walked by a tiny place called The Grilled Cheese & Crab Cake Company. The name sounded too fab to not investigate. Next thing we knew, we were devouring hefty sandwiches made of grilled cheese and fried bologna. SINFUL. We simply had to. It was out of our control.

We walked around a bit, then wedged our overstuffed asses into the car and headed back to fratville, where Zach's bros were basking in the sun (a.k.a. drinking al fresco). They had moved some beer pong tables out onto the lawn, and were engaged in battle. Some played wiffle ball instead. Hip-hop blasted from a stereo. Ah, Greek life.

That's Billy on the right. He graduates in three weeks. Pre-med. Coming soon to an operating room possibly near you, folks. He'll likely pursue some sort of surgical specialty. Look out!

What did we do next? Eat. A lot. Again. These guys are MACHINES, man. I gotta get outta here.

Oh, speaking of that, there's a major storm expected Monday. Words like "tornado," "severe threat," and "significant damage" are being used in weather reports. I'm scheduled to fly home that afternoon. Wheeee!

Posted on April 2, 2011 and filed under Travel.